There are many ways to learn and be taught. We have regular sermons and our homegroups are an essential part of growing in faith. Likewise courses are run on aspects of life such parenting, or what it means to be a follower of Christ, digging deeper into the Bible.

Alongside upfront teaching we offer other opportunities such as the chance to be mentored, to be part of a bookgroup, to learn through action possibly through working in a local mission opportunity. All our children and young people receive teaching at various times which you can read about and our heart is to equip parents to teach faith in their homes in the ways and time that suits each family.

We want to enable everyone to know Jesus, no matter what their age and learning style.


Christian Mentoring


Book Groups

Do contact Diane Davidson or Caroline Oldroyd if you would like to be mentored or perhaps have some experience in this area.

It is a fabulous way to grow in faith and often suits people who are busy and for whom this can fit into a busy schedule.

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Lending Library

Click to find our more about our library situated in the foyer area of the Church of the Good Shepherd.