Our Vision

Towards the end of 2017 it was time to ask God for his new vision for our parish. It was felt that we wanted to move forward in sharing the good news of Jesus in a society where fewer and fewer people know him and attend services at churches.

Our purpose and aim during the next five years is to become a church family that knows Jesus better and who can make him known.  We want to more effectively reflect the love of God in word and service to the people of Wisley and Pyrford and encourage them to become members of the family of faith.

The activies and practical outworking of our vision is overseen through the following five Networks and Network Catalysts :

  • Worship and Prayer - Caroline Oldroyd

  • Discipleship - Diane Davidson

  • Engaging Community - Suzanne Lees-Smith

  • Pastoral Care - Alexandra Clough

  • Infrastructure - PCC

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